Wang Qingfeng on Capital and Marx’s New Philosophy
Publisher:林建武  Date:2017-09-11   Views:13


On the 24th of March, Professor Wang Qingfeng from Jilin University presented a lecture on “Capital and Marx’s New Philosophy”. He analyzed this problem from four aspects, First, why Capital is Marx’s “new philosophy”. Second, in what sense is Capital a new philosophy. Third, Capital and the characteristics of different eras and humanity. Finally, how to march towards the future of philosophy. Professor started with the difference between Husserl and Heidegger, and then describes the direction which modern philosophy should turn to. According to him, philosophy should focus on the being rather than the objectivity of consciousness. Capital was a book about the actual suffering of human beings, and it is thus a book of our time.


Professor Wang argued that Marx saw the state and the society as the world of human, and it is in this way that No. 11 of The Thesis on Feuerbach about “changing the world” can be understood. To change the world is to change the way of being of the human, and to change the world is to change the state and the society. Marx put the hope of changing the way of being of human on the change of the state and the society, and the change of the mode of production. Through the “real history”, Capital conquered the self alienation of human being in the unsacred image on the one hand, and revealed the human being in reality and the science of its development on the other. It is in this sense that the road Marx uncovered can really make the human “being”.