Pang Zhengyuan on the Importance of Innovation
Publisher:林建武  Date:2017-09-11   Views:13


On the 11th of April, Professor Pang Zhengyuan from the Party  School of the Central Committee of CPC presented a lecture on “I innovate, therefore I am”. Professor Pang started with the problem of innovation among Chinese students, and pointed out the importance of innovation for the development of individuals and societies. He proposed the thesis “I innovate, therefore I am”, argued that innovation meant discarding old ideas, theories, modes and habits which did not fit the reality anymore, “I” meant the subject in the general sense, and “am” meant the idea of the ontological being. The essence of the thesis was that only innovation could display the nature, value, meaning, presence and being of human. Professor Pang also articulated innovation’s affirmation of human being’s essential power, its displaying of human being’s value, and its influence on the way of life. He claimed that the infinity of human being’s need was only realized by the need of innovation, and the process of satisfying the need by innovation was also a process of uniting social values and individual values. In the end of the lecture, Professor Pang argued that human being had entered a stage characterized by innovation, and innovating had become the way of life of the contemporaries. After the lecture, Professor Pang communicated with the participant on relevant issues.