Workshop on the Philosophy of Economics and the Social Sciences

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Welcome to attend the meeting “Workshop on the Philosophy of Economics and the Social Sciences”in College of PhilosophyNankai University(New campus. To make your activities and schedule arrangements more convenient, please look at the following notice.

I. Reception time: September 23——September 24


Zhu Yaohua

Hu Ruibin

Wang Fuwen

Hu Yang

II. Workshop time: September 25——Septemper 26


Chen Qian

Luo Yanxia

Zhang Baoguang

III. Dinning place

 From September 23 to 27(only breakfast), the meal will be served in the dining hall of Experts' Apartment. And the breakfast will be sent to experts' rooms at 8'o clock. If you have any special requirement (Muslim or vegetarian) about the food, please make contact with the conference staff.