Jia Xiangtong
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【Basic information】

Name:Jia Xiangtong


Academic Title:Professor

Education:Ph.D., Nankai University

Office:Room 506


Areas of Research:philosophy of science, epistemology


Professor of Philosophy, specializes in philosophy of science, philosophy of mind and epistemology. His recent books include Modernity and the logic of science (CCPT, 2020);  Tiangong Kaiwu: science, technology and supernatural arts  (Jiangsu People's Publishing House;2017).


1995-1999, Bachelor’s Degree in Philosophy, College of Philosophy, Nankai University.

1999-2004, Ph.D. in Philosophy of Science and Technology, College of Philosophy, Nankai University.

【Work Experience】

2004-, Professor in Philosophy of Science and Technology, College of Philosophy, Nankai University.


Courses for Bachelor Students:

Introduction to Philosophy of Science; Cultural History of the World Science and Technology

Courses for Undergraduate Students:

Contemporary Progress of Philosophy of Science; Research on History of Scientific Thought

【Selected Publications】


The Modern Logic of Natural Science, Central Compilation & Translation Press, January 2020.


1.From instrumentalism to ontology the the problem of social control of technology,Science and Society,2021,vol.11

2.A shift in the modernity narrative in scientific picture and its problems,Journal of Social Sciences,2021,vol.5

3.On the possible of constitutive-functional view of conventionalism.Studies in Dialectics of Nature,2021,vol.37

4.On the transcendental potential of pragmatist approach in the dynamic apriorism of philosophy of science,Philosophical Research,2020,vol.9

5.On the problems and solution of the frame problem in artificial intelligence.,Journal of Social Sciences,2020,vol.5

6.Is the economic approach to the philosophy of science possible?,Studies in Philosophy of Science and Technology,2020,vol.37

7. The inherent logic and issues of Hannah arendt vita active theory,Journal of Shanxi Normal University,2020,vol.47

8. Ecological sustainabledevelopment from the perspective of scientific innovation, Frontiers,2020,vol.2

9.Behaviorism path of artificial intelligence autonomy and itds problems Changbai Journal,2020,vol.5